Products and Pricing

Effective 10/31/16
Subject to change without notice

Pressure treated, creosote treated, lead painted, drywall, stucco, chicken wire, mesh, hazardous materials, and absolutely no contaminates
We do NOT accept Asphalt
All loads subject to inspection, there will be an additional charge for any and all dirty loads, as well as reloading fees
$25 Minimum fee for all goods dropped

Drop off Commercial/Contractor

Drop off Residential

One ton minimum - Price per ton

One yard minimum - Price per yard

Brush and Stumps  $100.00
Clean Wood - Pallets, lumber, fencing  $50.00
Concrete $50 (with metal)
Concrete $40.00 (clean)

Wood, Stumps & Brush  $25.00
Concrete (with metal) $40.00
Concrete $30.00

Products for sale

Clearing and Trucking Services

All good sold have a 9.6% sales tax
Price per yard/ton

Crushed Recycled Concrete ( 5/8"minus, 1.25"and 2"-4")  
Hog Fuel  $10.00/yd
Black Nutrient Fine Mulch  $28.50/yd
32 Ft. End Dump for hire   30-60 CY   $120/Hour 
Live Floor for hire  100-130 CY   $120/Hour 
We do not have a container service anymore but we can give you a reference.